Red Ribbon’s Newest Product is a Combination of Two Filipino Classics

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Pandesal has always been a part of the lives of Filipinos. From morning breakfasts to afternoon snacks, the Filipino bread is enjoyed by children and adults alike. Though pandesal is delicious on its own, Filipinos have all found different ways to take delight on the classic bread. Children have seen their parents dip their pandesal in coffee every morning. Some Filipinos feast on their pandesals with the fresh kesong puti. There are also some who stuff their pandesal with slices of hotdogs, for a more filling snack.

Another Filipino snack that has won the hearts and filled the street corners of Filipinos is the pork barbecue. Its savory, barbecue taste paired with your choice of either sweet or spicy sauce or just plain vinegar dip makes this mouth-watering street food another Filipino classic.

Realizing that Filipinos enjoy the classic soft bread paired with various fillings and spreads, well-loved, local bakeshop, Red Ribbon, introduces a new savory product which Filipinos will surely enjoy—Red Ribbon’s Pork Pandesal! The Pork Pandesal is Red Ribbon’s take on the classic pandesal, pairing it with pork barbecue. Combining Filipino favorite snacks, pandesal and pork barbecue, Red Ribbon offers a soft, moist bread, loaded with chunky bits of pork barbecue.

Stuffed with generous amount of pork filling, Red Ribbon’s Pork Pandesal is the perfect morning and afternoon snack for your children. The Pork Pandesal can be enjoyed as a snack by your children for an affordable price of P23.00 per piece. As the soft bread is packed with pork barbecue, it could be enjoyed as a savory meal on its own. The pandesal could also be easily stored in a lunchbox, making it convenient for children to bring the new snack anywhere they go. When your child is taking a break, he could simply take out the pandesal and consume it instantly as it is ready-to-eat on its own—no need for plates or utensils.

Starting April 28, 2014, Filipino families could have better mornings, and fun-filled afternoons with Red Ribbon’s tasty and filling, pork-stuffed pandesal, which will be available in select Red Ribbon stores in Metro Manila and Luzon. Enjoy Red Ribbon’s Pork Pandesal with a cup of coffee, or a glass of chilled juice every morning with the family. You can also have your children bring the Pork Pandesal as their baon for summer classes or family outings. With its great value for money and as a convenient, savory and hearty snack, Red Ribbon’s Pork Pandesal is another Filipino classic meant to be enjoyed by the whole family.

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