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Savor sweet memories with the return of Red Ribbon Taisan

Remembering the fondest memories from one’s childhood is always a great feeling. The comforting experience of coming home from school to a delicious snack prepared by lola or eating merienda with mom at the playground – all those simple yet sweet moments carries over into the present whenever we look back, bringing us instant joy from reminiscing.

Get ready to experience waves of sweet nostalgia as Red Ribbon brings back a classic favorite. In celebration of its 40th anniversary, the well-loved bakeshop is once again offering the delicious Red Ribbon Taisan that was first offered back in the 1980s.


Look back at your treasured memories as you share the familiar buttery sweet flavor of the original Red Ribbon recipe – a fluffy chiffon cake delicately brushed with butter and topped with sugar crystals.

Relive the good old days and make bonding moments sweeter again with the Red Ribbon Taisan. This is available for only P20 per slice and P80 for a full loaf. What are you waiting for? Visit your nearest Red Ribbon Bakeshop now!

Scarlet surprises Right Start kids with Red Ribbon Rainbow Dedication Cakes

Scarlet Snow shared color and happiness with the kids and birthday celebrants of the Right Start Community in San Juan City as she celebrated her 4th birthday by surprising her fellow youngsters with a special bubble-designed party.

Right Start is a non-profit organization that provides Creative Caring Spaces, enabling underprivileged kids to engage in different afterschool activities like music, sports, reading, and arts.

Since 2017, the Belo-Kho family has been supporting the Right Start Community’s advocacy and has already held several celebrations. This time, the family decided to spend Scarlet’s birthday with the children.

“Ang theme ng party ni Scarlet ay The Gift of Gratitude. Galing sa Bibliya, higit na mapalad ang nagbibigay, it’s better to give than to receive. Ang ibig sabihin non, higit na masaya ang nagbibigay kaysa tumatanggap. Hindi kailangan na sobrang yaman para magbigay at hindi rin kailangan pera or gamit. Pwede tayo magbigay ng oras, ng talent, minsan ‘yung mga salita na nakaka-uplift or encourage. So tinuturo po namin kay Scarlet ‘yon kaya namin ginagawa ito” shared Hayden Kho.

It was a fun day for Scarlet and the kids as the party was jam-packed with activities, including a magic performance and a puppet show. A couple of children also experienced what it was like inside a bubble with the help of a giant bubble wand. Every corner of the room was filled with bubble-like balloons and there was even a ball pit where kids could just jump in and play.


While they enjoyed all of the activities, one of the most anticipated parts of the birthday celebration was the blowing of the birthday candles. For the big event, there were surprises upon surprises from Red Ribbon.

For the birthday girl, the well-loved bakeshop brought in her favorite Rainbow Dedication Cake. Scarlet also shared her blessings by surprising each of the Right Start celebrants with their own Rainbow Dedication Cake with Theme Toppers.


“Every time we have a celebration, there’s one birthday cake and everybody nagbo-blow ng candle. Kasi parang they look forward to it, it’s fascinating that there is a candle and there’s a cake. Parang it’s symbolic na, eto na nagse-celebrate na talaga ako. And they can make a wish pa. So, it’s one of the fun parts of the celebration that they get to blow their candle. Lalo na ngayon na each celebrant has a cake, thanks to Red Ribbon and Doc Hayden.” shared Rosalie Mallari, one of the founders of Right Start.

All of the guests and the Right Start kids enjoyed the chocolate fudge icing and filling and were wowed by the three-layer multi-colored cake of Rainbow Dedication Cake. The delicious birthday cake was also topped up with Red Ribbon Theme Toppers making the celebration extra fun.

Red Ribbon has always been part of the celebrations of Filipinos, making each gathering sweeter. Now on its 40th year, Red Ribbon in partnership with the Belo-Kho family, surprised Right Start kids that they will be giving away year round cakes for the birthdays of the kids, enabling more kids to have their best birthday with Red Ribbon Rainbow Dedication Cake.


As a celebration of its 40th year, this gesture by the Belo-Kho family is a clear testimonial that when you care a little bit more, you make is special, you make it Red Ribbon.

Celebrate love with Red Ribbon Valentine Black Forest and Paulo Avelino

They say that love is spoken in different languages and expressed in different ways. This Valentine’s Day, everyone can show their love in their most personal and meaningful way, whether it is through grand surprises or simple tokens.

Just like how plenty of people meticulously plan out their Valentine’s Day celebrations, Red Ribbon has specially baked and masterfully crafted the most indulgent cake for the occasion – the Red Ribbon Valentine Black Forest.

Couples can share love straight from the heart with the Red Ribbon Valentine Black Forest Cake, which comes in a charming heart-shaped design. With each bite of the rich chocolate fudge cake, chocolate-cherry-creamy icing, and grated chocolate, this delectable gift makes celebrations so much sweeter. This indulgent cake is delicately topped with luscious Maraschino cherries.

A grand Valentine’s Day surprise


Along with the launch of the limited edition Red Ribbon Valentine’s Black Forest Cake, the country’s most loved bakeshop also gave guests a grand surprise as they introduced their newest endorser – Paulo Avelino.

The talented film and TV actor, fondly dubbed as everyone’s ‘Internet Boyfriend’, is set to make the season of romance extra sweet as he shares love straight from the heart with the Red Ribbon Valentine’s Black Forest in a new, swoon-worthy made-for-digital video.

“At Red Ribbon, it’s always been about making celebrations more special for our customers and Valentine’s Day is definitely no exception. This is why we’ve pulled out all the stops this love month – reimagining a timeless cake favorite that we’ve fallen in love with again and again, and having a new endorser to help us send across all media touchpoints our message of love,” shared Kent Mariano, Red Ribbon Marketing Head.


Make sure to gift your special someone the new Red Ribbon Valentine Black Forest which will be available from February 13 to 15, 2019. There’s also more in store this love month so stay tuned on the official Red Ribbon Bakeshop Facebook page!

Red Ribbon’s newest family ambassador shows how to care a little bit more

Care is shown and manifested in unique and different ways. From something as simple as lending a helping hand, to going as grand as throwing a loved one a surprise birthday party, these acts of love show that actions do speak louder than words.

Red Ribbon, one of the country’s most loved brands, encourages giving what is most special for your loved ones. Making every day simple moments and occasion sweeter, Red Ribbon cakes and pastries are the ones you share with people who matter most to you, such as your friends and family.

“At Red Ribbon, we believe that the people we care for deserve only what’s best and special. So when you care a little bit more for someone, show it with Red Ribbon. Our special products are always a delightful treat that will make people feel your extraordinary care,” said Kent Mariano, Red Ribbon marketing head.

New addition to Red Ribbon family
Red Ribbon recently introduced its newest brand ambassadors who will inspire and show what it means to add a special touch to love. One of the most lovable and highly popular families in the entertainment industry, the Soriano family will take the lead in showing care for loved ones with Red Ribbon.

During the launch, Toni Gonzaga, Paul Soriano and son, Seve, joined Red Ribbon for a chat with the media. The family also made sure to make guests feel special and appreciated. Together with Red Ribbon, they took time to reach out to families of the guests for a video surprise for the March birthday celebrants among media guests. Attendees were also given Red Ribbon cakes, selected by their family members, topped with sweet dedication notes. Paul and son Seve also prepared a sweet surprise for Toni to show their gratitude for the way she has shown care for them.


Make it Red Ribbon
Indeed, Red Ribbon offers delicious-looking and superior-tasting cakes and pastries for Filipino families to bond over with.

Reward your kid for a job well done in school with his favorite yummy butter mamon. Organize a surprise party and order their favorite Black Forest Cake to make their big day unforgettable. Or you can offer a delicious Choco Cake Slice to someone who needs a little cheering up. These simple acts of care can be made special if done with a Red Ribbon.

So the next time you want to show your care a little bit more, make it Red Ribbon – the cherry on top that will always make your gesture a little bit special.

Scarlet Snow joins Red Ribbon’s growing family

Red Ribbon recently introduced Scarlet Snow Belo-Kho as its newest brand ambassador – her first major endorsement outside of her family’s Belo brand. The social media darling, accompanied by her doctor parents Hayden Kho and Vicky Belo, is also the newest Rainbow Chaser who is captivated by Red Ribbon’s surprisingly colorful & chocolatey birthday cake, the Rainbow Dedication Cake.


The Instagram sensation, with a whopping 2 million followers and counting, is set to share some color and joy, just like Red Ribbon’s colorful birthday cake, in her newest commercial with her fellow Rainbow Dedication Cake-loving cartoon friends, Don and the Rainbow Chasers.

“We really wanted to make the Rainbow Dedication Cake the best for kids, loading it with fun color, sweetness and surprises, everything that a child looks for in a birthday cake. Now we’re very happy to see that it has become a kiddie favorite, approved even by our newest Rainbow Chaser, Scarlet Snow,” shared Kent Mariano, Red Ribbon marketing head.

Best birthday cake for kids
With its cute and colorful toppers, delicious chocolatey flavor, and its rainbow surprise on the inside, the Rainbow Dedication Cake has quickly turned into a favorite among kids, including Scarlet Snow.

The Rainbow Dedication Cake has become a staple at birthday parties because of the fun, burst of colors it brings. Sure to put a bright smile on a child’s face, it is topped with rainbow-colored lollipops and multi-colored candies, and is loaded with a surprisingly colorful layered cake inside.

Chocolate-loving kids are also crazy for the cake’s rich milk chocolate icing and chocolate rosette toppings. They are also in for a sweet surprise as they take a bite of the rainbow-colored chiffon to find that it’s still their favorite chocolate flavor.

Capping off the sweet treats provided by this delicious cake is the sweetest personalized dedications on the cake that the kids receive from their parents, relatives, or friends who have chosen to show a little bit more care for the birthday celebrant by getting them their favorite Rainbow Dedication Cake.

Head over to your nearest Red Ribbon store and surprise the li’l one with the best birthday cake for the kid’s best birthday ever!


Red Ribbon, Foundation turn over 2-storey building to a public school in Zamboanga City


Red Ribbon—one of the leading bakeshop chains in the Philippines—together with Apl.De.Ap Foundation (ADAF) recently turned over a two-storey classroom building to Talon-Talon Elementary School in Zamboanga City to help bring the youth back to schools.

The ADAF is a non-government organization founded by Allan Pineda (aka of the Grammy Award-winning group Black Eyed Peas. Pineda attended the turnover ceremony along with a few representatives from Red Ribbon and Habitat for Humanity.


A total of 14 classrooms were built inside the school’s premises; these classrooms are to be occupied by new elementary school pupils on top of its existing 64 students.

The first seven new classrooms are set for the use of SPED Gifted and Talented classes starting from kindergarten to grade six, with one advisory class per grade level. Twenty eight students that need SPED are expected to occupy each of these classrooms.

The eighth classroom will be used by the 41 students who fall under its SPED Non-Graded category, seated as one class and under the responsibility of three SPED teachers. The remaining six classrooms are intended for the use of third graders, each accommodating 53 students.

According to Zinnia Rivera, general manager of Red Ribbon, it was timely for Talon-Talon Elementary School to receive these new classrooms since the number of its students spiked from 6,169 in SY 2014-2015 to 6,412 this SY.


“There was a need for a conducive place for learning in Talon-Talon Elementary School. Now, with the new classrooms in place, we will be able to provide better learning and teaching experiences to both students and teacher,” Rivera said. “On top of this, we will be more capable of addressing the need for an improved learning environment to children who need special education.”

She added, “Red Ribbon is one with other governing bodies in encouraging the youth to go back to school and mold their own future. By giving them more venues to acquire knowledge, we are also giving them more opportunities to discover their own strengths and learn from their experiences. Our partnership with different organizations made this possible. As we move forward, we will continue to engage in strategic partnerships that not only strengthen our vision but also help in nation-building.”

Habitat’s Chief Operating Officer for Disaster Response, Tots Escalada thanked Red Ribbon and ADAF for their efforts in helping the children of Zamboanga go back to school.

“Schools are children’s second homes. In Habitat, we want to help them have a more conducive place to learn, play and enjoy their childhood. We are very grateful to our partners for helping us give them that oppprtunity,” Escalada said.


This is part of Red Ribbon’s Macaroons for a Cause initiative where the brand sold its best-selling macaroons nationwide for P50. For every pack of ‘Macaroons for a Cause,’ Filipino consumers were able to allocate 14 percent or P7 directly to the ADAF who will fund the project.

Aside from the combined efforts of Red Ribbon and ADAF, the program was also supported by Jollibee Group Foundation and Habitat for Humanity Philippines.

To know more about Red Ribbon, visit

A sweeter way to spend your family meal time

Red Ribbon launches limited edition Rocky Road Cake

When guests are expected at home, serving a heavenly chocolate cake appears to be a sure crowd pleaser. Red Ribbon—one of the country’s biggest bakeshops—is bringing back one of its best-selling round chocolate cake that’s sure to delight your family and friends.

Red Ribbon’s Rocky Road Cake is now making a grand comeback, carrying with it more delicious toppings that will definitely add more texture and flavor to the family’s time.

The Rocky Road Cake is made of three layers of rich chocolate cake with choco-cream filling, topped with fluffy white cream rosettes, chocolate kisses, soft, white marshmallows and chocolate drizzles.

What makes the Rocky Road Cake even more special this year compared last year is the addition of Red Ribbon’s signature brownies. These chewy brownie bits are topped along with the cake’s other toppings, giving the cake a more moist and chewy texture. Additional sprinkles of cashews and marshmallows are sandwiched in between the cake’s layers, creating a perfect combination of sweetness, softness and crunchiness from the inside and out.

“Social media has made catching up with friends and families very different from before,” said Zinnia Rivera, general manager of Red Ribbon. “But we, at Red Ribbon, believe that nothing can replace person-to-person interaction between families and friends. We want them to share sweet moments like they never did before.”

The Rocky Road Cake is available in all its stores from October 1 to January 31, 2016 for only P585 for regular-sized round cake and P375 for junior-sized cakes. According to Rivera, the limited edition cake is a perfect sweet course for families who want to serve a delightful and hearty dessert.

Rivera said, “Nothing can be better than good company and good food. With the Rocky Road Cake served on the table, there’s no better way to share special moments than a delightful treat that bursts with chocolatey goodness.”

Red Ribbon is one of the fastest growing bakeshop chains in the country that serves great-tasting cakes, breads and pastries, bringing back memories of joy and togetherness, family and home. In every Filipino celebration, whether it’s an every day family gathering or a grand feast, Red Ribbon will continue to make each moment sweeter to people of all ages.

She concluded, “Every moment spent with your loved ones is a moment worth celebrating. At Red Ribbon, we can give you, your family and your friends more reasons to celebrate everyday through sweet and delightful confections—and our Rocky Road Cake is the perfect decadent dessert that will make each moment even sweeter.”

Red Ribbon launches ‘mas creamy sarap’ Polvoron for every Filipino home

Everyone has that one special food item that brings memories of home. Arguably for Filipinos, this is the classic Polvoron.

Red Ribbon, one of the biggest bakeshops in the Philippines, introduces its Classic Polvoron—a delightful treat that bursts a melt-in-your-mouth sweetness and creaminess, leaving an aftertaste that’s sure to make Filipinos grab for more.

According to Zinnia Rivera, general manager of Red Ribbon, the Classic Polvoron offers just the right amount of sweetness, with more “creamy sarap” goodness.

“The creamy taste of Polvoron has an empowering taste that brings Filipinos back to their childhood years,” Rivera said. “Since adults enjoy the rich, creamy taste of Polvoron, they now share their all-time favorite treat to their children. With Red Ribbon’s Classic Polvoron in place, children and adults alike will find our creamy variant more irresistible.”

The Red Ribbon Classic Polvoron comes in singles, pack of eights (8s) and box of 16s. The price ranges for each pack is P10, P73 and P143, respectively.

Rivera added, “What’s best about our Classic Polvoron is its sweet, creamy taste that’s perfect for mothers who want the best sweet treat for their kids’ recess or for the ates and kuyas out there who are looking for that sweet ending after a scrumptious meal.”

Aside from the Classic Polvoron, Red Ribbon also boasts its other Polvoron flavors. This includes the Pinipig Polvoron, which bursts with the same creamy goodness complemented by crunchy pinipig bits; and the Peanut Polvoron, which contains flavorful real peanut bits mixed with powdered milk and lightly toasted flour and butter. For families who want to taste all three flavours, they can opt to purchase the Assorted Polvoron Pack.

Rivera said, “We’re making it easier for Filipino families to enjoy all our Polvoron flavors in one pack at an affordable price.”

“Red Ribbon’s Polvoron products are popular delicacies that never fail to delight Filipino families,” Rivera added. “For its part, Red Ribbon Bakeshop will continue to innovate its products by improving the taste and design. We will continue to make great-tasting confections that are guaranteed to delight families regardless of the occasion.”

Now on its 36th year, Red Ribbon continues to make each celebration—whether small or grand—even more special. To date, the popular bakeshop chain now has over 300 stores nationwide.

Double the surprise with Red Ribbon’s new Double Deck Dedication Cake

Cakes have been integral in every Filipino celebration, more particularly during birthdays. This time, Red Ribbon—one of the leading bakeshops in the country—is offering a double treat to your loved ones with its new Double Deck Dedication Cake.

This two-layer cake offers more layers of chocolate goodness to make your child’s party an even happier birthday. With its layers of bursting chocolatey flavor, your child’s guests will surely line up for more slices.

According to Zinnia Rivera, general manager of Red Ribbon, the new Double Deck Dedication Cake is a rich chocolate cake with fudgy chocolate icing topped with colorful sugar confetti, dots & stars. This can be personalized with one’s special message.

“Mothers always want the best for their children. They are constantly finding new ways to recreate how their child will cherish their special day,” Rivera said. “With the new two-layer Dedication Cake, mothers can now make their children’s party two times grander without going beyond their budget.”

Before, special two-layer cakes are only present during birthdays, debuts, weddings and graduation. Now, Red Ribbon makes it possible for families to make any day a bigger celebration while allowing more budget for other expenditures.

While saving on budget, you can also share the slices of the cake with 26 people because it has a base layer of 8×12 inches and a top layer of 6×8 inches. This cake is now available in all Red Ribbon stores nationwide.

“Now that there’s a double deck cake in place, there’s a bigger cake with a taste of premium for all the guests,” Rivera said. “Truly, Red Ribbon complements every Filipino table with its delightful treats, making every moment more worth-remembering.”

As the company explores new product offerings to make every day worth celebrating for, Red Ribbon now offers its gold standard for birthday cakes in the form of its new Double Deck Dedication Cake.

Rivera concluded, “Cakes are known staples for every Filipino table whenever there’s a celebration, may it be as grand as your son’s 7th birthday or as simple as your daughter’s achievement in class. Coupling the cake with a dedication as sweet as its taste is what makes the occasion more memorable.”

To know more about Red Ribbon and its many delights, visit the website at

Red Ribbon introduces the cheesier Ensaimada!

Perfectly balanced sweet-salty taste is ideal for any occasion.

Pasig City, March 13, 2015 – Red Ribbon Bakeshop, one of the country’s largest bakeshops, today re-introduced one of its most-loved and best-selling every day pastry snacks. The Red Ribbon Ensaimada is now cheesier than ever. This beloved every day treat now has that perfect combination of sweet and salty taste that Filipino families have come to love and enjoy.

“We believe that Filipino families deserve the best and this is evident in the quality of our products, be it our cakes, rolls, breads or pastries,” said Zinnia Rivera, Red Ribbon General Manager. “The new and improved Ensaimada is an example of how we make an already good product, great.”

The moist, soft, melt-in-your mouth bread comes overloaded with long, mouth-watering strands of cheddar cheese that is balanced with the right sprinkling of sugar for that sweet kick and topped off with a dab of creamy, delectable butter that you and your kids have loved all these years.

Red Ribbon’s much-loved Ensaimada has been a staple in homes for many years and has been a part of many personal and family moments whether these are big celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries to simple, everyday moments like snack recess time.

I invite everyone out there to try our cheesier Red Ribbon Ensaimada. This is guaranteed to make snack time so much more enjoyable,” added Rivera.

Red Ribbon’ cheesier Ensaimadas are available at all Red Ribbon branches nationwide. Or you may visit to know more about our delicious cakes and pastries.