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Red Ribbon reaches more families with Nasugbu branch

Manila, Philippines—Red Ribbon opened the doors to its first store in Nasugbu,Batangas—along JP Laurel Street, Barangay Poblacion III—last November 21, 2014 in time for the Christmas season.

The well-loved bakeshop’s branch in Nasugbu is the company’s 10th store in the whole of Batangas. The newly opened store is highly accessible to residents of Nasugbu as it is situated nearby the Town Hall, Town Plaza and the city’s Market. The branch is also close to one of the largest elementary schools in the city, Nasugbu West Central, and is also a 5-minute drive to Batangas State University—one of the most populated state universities in the province.

“Reaching more families is one of our main ambitions in Red Ribbon. By opening a branch in Nasugbu, we wish to make more Batangueño families’ celebrations special through our delectable cakes and pastries, especially in time for the holidays,” says Zinnia Rivera, General Manager of Red Ribbon.

The week before the opening of the new branch, Red Ribbon conducted a pre-opening event involving the Nasugbu West Central School and the Office of the Mayor. Red Ribbon organized games and introduced Buttermon, their first ever mascot, to over a thousand students and other Batangueños.

When Red Ribbon opened its doors in Nasugbu, guests were delighted to free slices of the bakeshop’s well-loved, cherry-chocolatiest Black Forest Cake. The bakeshop’s crewmembers surprised the guests during the opening as they performed a dance number.

“We are poised to continue bringing more sweet moments to families by opening more Red Ribbon stores”

The opening of Red Ribbon’s store in Nasugbu, Batangas signals the dedication of the local bakeshop in reaching more Filipinos, providing them the chance to treat their loved ones with delectable cakes and pastries. Residents of Nasugbu will now be able to make their celebrations extraordinary with well-loved products of the bakeshop such as the Black Forest Cake, Triple Chocolate Roll and Dedication cakes and pastries, such as the Butter Mamon, Ensaimada and Macaroons for a Cause.

Red Ribbon makes more sweet moments with 300th store


QUEZON, Philippines – Red Ribbon continues its celebration of its 35th year with the opening of its 300th store in Barangay San Diego Poblacion, along National Highway Gumaca, Quezon last August 30, 2014.

Since its humble beginnings as a hobby-induced business in 1979 in Timog, Quezon City, Red Ribbon has grown to be a proudly Filipino business network under the country’s chain of fast food restaurants, Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC).

“Opening our 300th store is a milestone for Red Ribbon. We have truly grown from a small local bakeshop to one of the most well-loved bakeshops in the country. We are poised to open more branches to bring more sweet moments to Filipinos,” says Zinnia Rivera, General Manager of Red Ribbon.

Since JFC’s acquisition of the well-loved bakeshop in 2005, Red Ribbon has continued to further its commitment in making celebrations and everyday moments sweeter among families and friends through their products.

“Reaching every corner of the Philippines is part of our long term strategy. Opening our 300th store in Gumaca allows us to reach more Filipinos in Southern Luzon,” added Rivera.

The newly opened store is the company’s third branch in the whole province of Quezon.

A Sweet Peek


On August 24, 2014, a week before the actual opening of the new branch, Red Ribbon gave a sneak peek to the residents of Gumaca on the coming of a Red Ribbon closer to their homes.

Members of Red Ribbon surprised the residents by performing and teaching the Macaroon Dance, popularized by international Filipino artist Apl.De.Ap, to children. A cake competition titled “The Sweetest Dedication Cake” also took place where the mothers and their kids had a hand at placing their own personalized messages on chocolate dedication cakes.

The opening of the 300th store signifies Red Ribbon’s continuous expansion around the country to provide Filipinos a chance to treat the ones they love with well-loved Red Ribbon products. Residents of Gumaca will now be able to enjoy delicious cakes and rolls such as the Black Forest Cake, Triple Chocolate Roll and dedication cakes and pastries such as the Butter Mamon, Ensaimada, and Macaroons for a Cause.

“We continue to grow and identify communities we have not yet tapped to bring our products closer to the homes of Filipinos,” says Rivera.

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About Red Ribbon

Red Ribbon is a Filipino-owned bakeshop with over 310 outlets across the country. Since 1979, Red Ribbon has been bringing together families and friends through their high quality and delicious selection of cakes and pastries, perfect not only for celebrations, but also to make each day worth celebrating.

My Mom, My Idol

Growing up, children have always looked up to their very own mothers. Children have been amazed at how much their mothers could do so many tasks given so little time in a day. In between waking up early everyday to cook breakfast up until they kiss their children goodnight, mothers do so much more tasks. Moms set themselves as the best examples of what it means to love unconditionally as they always accept their sons and daughters despite the mistakes they have made. Through the dedication of mothers in ensuring the happiness of their families and by not showing signs of being tired, children have seen the strength of their moms.  Simply, for most of us, our mothers are one of our greatest idols.

This coming Mother’s Day, show your mom how grateful you are for having her in your life. Show off how much you have learned from her by surprising her with the first meal you have cooked with her. You could also write her a letter expressing how much you idolize her because of the many times that she has shown herself as the best role model in your life. Also, don’t forget to take a selfie with your mom, and post on your Instagram or Facebook, to show off how much you love her.

After a day full of wonderful surprises, the best way to put the cherry on top is by giving your idol the perfect treat she deserves—Red Ribbon’s limited edition Mother’s Day Black Forest Cake! Red Ribbon knows how special this day is for your mom so they made their classic Black Forest Cake even more special by making it chocolatier with a chocolate fence surrounding the cake!  The moist chocolate cake is filled with chocolate filling and cream with cherry bits, and topped with chocolate shavings & red cherries. You could treat your mother with the limited edition chocolatier Red Ribbon’s Black Forest cake, for only P560.00!

This Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show your mom that you have learned from the best by giving her only the best cake that she truly deserves!  Greet her lovingly this Mother’s Day with Red Ribbon’s Mother’s Day Black Forest Cake, available only for Mother’s Day weekend, May 9 to May 11, in all Red Ribbon stores nationwide. For more information, please like Red Ribbon Bakeshop on Facebook, follow @IWantRedRibbon on Twitter, or log on to

Red Ribbon’s Newest Product is a Combination of Two Filipino Classics

Pandesal has always been a part of the lives of Filipinos. From morning breakfasts to afternoon snacks, the Filipino bread is enjoyed by children and adults alike. Though pandesal is delicious on its own, Filipinos have all found different ways to take delight on the classic bread. Children have seen their parents dip their pandesal in coffee every morning. Some Filipinos feast on their pandesals with the fresh kesong puti. There are also some who stuff their pandesal with slices of hotdogs, for a more filling snack.

Another Filipino snack that has won the hearts and filled the street corners of Filipinos is the pork barbecue. Its savory, barbecue taste paired with your choice of either sweet or spicy sauce or just plain vinegar dip makes this mouth-watering street food another Filipino classic.

Realizing that Filipinos enjoy the classic soft bread paired with various fillings and spreads, well-loved, local bakeshop, Red Ribbon, introduces a new savory product which Filipinos will surely enjoy—Red Ribbon’s Pork Pandesal! The Pork Pandesal is Red Ribbon’s take on the classic pandesal, pairing it with pork barbecue. Combining Filipino favorite snacks, pandesal and pork barbecue, Red Ribbon offers a soft, moist bread, loaded with chunky bits of pork barbecue.

Stuffed with generous amount of pork filling, Red Ribbon’s Pork Pandesal is the perfect morning and afternoon snack for your children. The Pork Pandesal can be enjoyed as a snack by your children for an affordable price of P23.00 per piece. As the soft bread is packed with pork barbecue, it could be enjoyed as a savory meal on its own. The pandesal could also be easily stored in a lunchbox, making it convenient for children to bring the new snack anywhere they go. When your child is taking a break, he could simply take out the pandesal and consume it instantly as it is ready-to-eat on its own—no need for plates or utensils.

Starting April 28, 2014, Filipino families could have better mornings, and fun-filled afternoons with Red Ribbon’s tasty and filling, pork-stuffed pandesal, which will be available in select Red Ribbon stores in Metro Manila and Luzon. Enjoy Red Ribbon’s Pork Pandesal with a cup of coffee, or a glass of chilled juice every morning with the family. You can also have your children bring the Pork Pandesal as their baon for summer classes or family outings. With its great value for money and as a convenient, savory and hearty snack, Red Ribbon’s Pork Pandesal is another Filipino classic meant to be enjoyed by the whole family.

For more information, please like Red Ribbon Bakeshop on Facebook, follow @IWantRedRibbon on Twitter, or log on to

Sweetest Graduation Gift

The priceless gift of education made sweeter with Red Ribbon

Do you remember your child’s first day at school? You walked to the classroom hand-in-hand, your child in uniform, and you, holding the handles of the bag and lunch box. At first you were nervous, but soon you saw your baby make a new best friend, read, color, count and sing, and had the best time in the world.

As time went by, each day became exciting because your child always came home with plenty of new things to report. One day, it was making it to the choir. At another, it was joining the science fair; then, a moving performance in the school play; soon, a high score in the finals. Who can forget such precious memories? Through the years, you saw how thrilling the gift of education was, as knowledge and experience opened your child’s eyes to life’s hopes and dreams.

Time flies. It’s Graduation Day! A day to celebrate the start of summer. A new grade.  Entering high school. Going away to college. Or starting a career in the real world.

And through it all, they made it with you patiently guiding them through the priceless moments of school life. You always woke up early to make baon, to put together outfits for the UN Celebration  or the school play, to sit with them for homework, or prepare ice cold drinks and sweet treats for the study group’s merienda. And always, you celebrated memorable achievements at the dining table with the whole family, finishing with the delicious celebration cake for dessert.

On Graduation Day, mark sweet endings and new beginnings with Red Ribbon’s Black Forest Cake, available in all Red Ribbon branches for only P550. Your family will surely love exchanging memories over a festive blowout topped with Red Ribbon’s chocolatiest Black Forest with a cherry twist, made with moist chocolate cake with cream and cherry filling, topped with shavings of chocolate and the reddest of cherries. Move your son or daughter to happy tears with this classic Red Ribbon offering.

Graduation day won’t be complete without this queen of celebration cakes. Remember the date with a Red Ribbon Graduation Day Black Forest Cake, and let your child feel the privilege of reaching for new achievements that will make you proud.

Congratulations to the best mom for a job well done!