Red Ribbon’s newest family ambassador shows how to care a little bit more

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Care is shown and manifested in unique and different ways. From something as simple as lending a helping hand, to going as grand as throwing a loved one a surprise birthday party, these acts of love show that actions do speak louder than words.

Red Ribbon, one of the country’s most loved brands, encourages giving what is most special for your loved ones. Making every day simple moments and occasion sweeter, Red Ribbon cakes and pastries are the ones you share with people who matter most to you, such as your friends and family.

“At Red Ribbon, we believe that the people we care for deserve only what’s best and special. So when you care a little bit more for someone, show it with Red Ribbon. Our special products are always a delightful treat that will make people feel your extraordinary care,” said Kent Mariano, Red Ribbon marketing head.

New addition to Red Ribbon family
Red Ribbon recently introduced its newest brand ambassadors who will inspire and show what it means to add a special touch to love. One of the most lovable and highly popular families in the entertainment industry, the Soriano family will take the lead in showing care for loved ones with Red Ribbon.

During the launch, Toni Gonzaga, Paul Soriano and son, Seve, joined Red Ribbon for a chat with the media. The family also made sure to make guests feel special and appreciated. Together with Red Ribbon, they took time to reach out to families of the guests for a video surprise for the March birthday celebrants among media guests. Attendees were also given Red Ribbon cakes, selected by their family members, topped with sweet dedication notes. Paul and son Seve also prepared a sweet surprise for Toni to show their gratitude for the way she has shown care for them.


Make it Red Ribbon
Indeed, Red Ribbon offers delicious-looking and superior-tasting cakes and pastries for Filipino families to bond over with.

Reward your kid for a job well done in school with his favorite yummy butter mamon. Organize a surprise party and order their favorite Black Forest Cake to make their big day unforgettable. Or you can offer a delicious Choco Cake Slice to someone who needs a little cheering up. These simple acts of care can be made special if done with a Red Ribbon.

So the next time you want to show your care a little bit more, make it Red Ribbon – the cherry on top that will always make your gesture a little bit special.

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